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Song title: "Fearless"
Performed by: Taylor Swift
Fandom: Gwen + Kevin (Ben 10 Alien Force)
Description: The moment I got Taylor Swift's newest CD for Christmas in December and listened to this song, I immediately thought of Gwevin. I mean, think about it: all the references to cars, the passenger seat, dancing, taking her hand and dragging her?! GWEVIN, PEOPLE! ...I'll calm down now. <3

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Song title: "Never Alone"
Performed by: Barlow Girl
Fandom: Jarrod/Dai Shi + Camille (Power Rangers Jungle Fury)
Decription: I made this video for my friend SonicPokemon, who recommended this song ("Never Alone" by Barlow Girl). I think it fits quite well, if you place it after "To Earn Your Stripes." When Jarrod broke free from Dai Shi's hold and professed his love to her, Camille began to fall for him. When he told her he would always be there, and would never let anyone hurt her, she believed him. But then Dai Shi regained control, and Camille was left without the man she loved. But even so, Camille trusted that Jarrod was still there somewhere, and that she was never truly alone.

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Song title: "Love Story"
Performed by: Taylor Swift
Fandom: Nick + Madison (Power Rangers Mystic Force)
Description: I came up with this idea on a bit of a whim. I adore the song "Love Story" and I began to imagine a video for Madison + Nick to this song.

It is a bit of an AU; imagine if Maddick was in a fairytale setting and were forbidden to be together. I think the scenes came out really well; I hope you enjoy it!

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I usually upload my music videos to YouTube (username SireneMarina); however, I have not been able to upload some of them because the songs are copyrighted. I still wanted to be able to share the videos, though, so I have uploaded them to my domain in FLV format (the format used on YouTube) and am embedding them here with a flash video player. That way, people can watch videos and comment like they would on YouTube. My video posts will be public for anyone to see! But the rest of my journal is still friends only. ^_^

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